Meet Our Team!

At CIRC Action Fund, we are proud and grateful to have an energized, tenacious, and committed team who carries our work for immigrant justice forward throughout Colorado. From field and financial power building, to storytelling, operations, and strategy, these are the people behind our work.

Take a few minutes to get to know the passion behind our power-building!

Eamon Eriksen

Democracy Organizer

The rights of immigrants in this country are under attack. But the immigrants described in the political rhetoric share nothing with the immigrants in my life. Immigrants are my coworkers, friends and neighbors. I want to live in a diverse and welcoming society because it makes mine and everybody’s life better.

Audrey Ferguson

Democracy Organizer

I became interested in organizing due to so many issues affecting the communities around me appearing to be out of our control. I wanted to figure out what we could do to create change. I joined CIRC Action Fund because they have a track record of fighting for some of the most vulnerable communities and have helped impact positive change in Colorado.

Larissa Flora

Democracy Organizer

My parents lived and worked all over the world before settling down and raising me in the midwest. I have grown up with the understanding that everyone should be able to work and safely make a home for their families wherever they happen to be living, and I have always wanted to make that dream a reality in my country. I love canvassing and organizing because they are such organic ways of making those changes – we are here, we care about this, and we can make a difference together! I believe we all have a part to play in creating more inclusive communities, and through organizing, we can plug ourselves in to where we are needed most and create lasting relationships that drive progress.

Enrique Hernandez

Democracy Organizer

With all that is going on with our current leader, I felt compelled to be a part of a move meant to help support immigrants and refugees so they too can live the American Dream. My purpose in canvassing is to meet the community, share ideas, and demonstrate that we care for them. I also want to let them know that they are not alone. I enjoy knocking on doors so I can meet and greet and ask about concerns within the community.

Patrick Houston

Democracy Organizer

I am inspired to work to strengthen immigrant and refugee rights because–just like people here today–my ancestors were immigrants to this county. I believe it is a fundamental American value to welcome new people to this country. I grew up in Denver and want to make it a place where everyone is welcome, no matter where they are from or how they got here. I am excited about working with the CIRC Action team so I can become a better advocate for immigrant rights and to help build a more inclusive community in Denver.

Reydesel Salvidrez Rodríguez

Democracy Organizer

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and migrated to the U.S. with my family at the age of 10. I have been living in Denver for the last 17 years, graduated from East High School in 2011, and dropped out  from MSU Denver in the fall of 2011 because of my immigration status. I then graduated from the Community College of Denver (CCD) in 2015 where I received my Associates of Arts in Business. I’m now a senior at the University of Colorado of Denver (CU Denver)  where I am studying Communications and Ethnic Studies.

I co-founded CCD Dreamers United and CU Dreamers–the first student organization for undocumented students at the Auraria campus, and I was also the first Undocumented Senator for the CU Denver Student Government Association. After graduating, I hope to pursue my Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I’m currently serving as Vice President  on the Board of Directors for United Leaders in Higher Education, and I’m also a writer and performer for Motus Theatre, where I perform my immigration journey with other 9 undocumented leaders in Colorado.

Jessie Rosero 

Democracy Organizer

I am personally passionate about many things ranging from animal rights, to the environment, to human rights. I say “human” because I feel many people discriminate against other people they label as immigrants; and somehow, by that label, immigrants become subhumans that aren’t afforded the same human liberties and rights as the rest of us. I joined CIRC Action because wanted to be a part of a coalition of people who assist in eliminating the barriers of discrimination between people. I joined to assist like-minded people in making strides for all of us to live in a world where everyone is given respect and equal access to opportunities.

Anthony Sandoval

Democracy Organizer

Hello! My name is Anthony Sandoval, and I am currently a junior in high school attending High Tech Early College. Growing up in Denver, I had never really been able to be a part of politics until recently. I’ve always been the kind of person who cares about other people, so I saw politics as a systematic way to help people escape some of the injustices that they are pressed with all the time. With opportunities like organizing with CIRC Action Fund, I see the potential to begin the change. In order for change to be created, it must begin with individual people in society, so I am passionate about this work because our team is here to create positive change for our communities; it will give people a reason to be united. Overall, we’re making it possible for a little spark to ignite in a person we meet, and that could have a chain reaction that will flip an election to empower the people that need help most–not the people that already have everything they need. We are also advocating for the people, changing laws that leave groups out, and helping make our voices heard.

Joshua Stallings

Democracy Organizer

Five years ago, I knew next to nothing about immigration and did not think that I wanted to get involved in politics. Then, I spent a year living in Central Mexico (Tlaxcala) with a Mexican family and working in a shelter for people migrating from Central America. My world was flipped upside down! I was moved by the thousands of stories I heard from migrants,  and my Mexican host family became mi propia familia. I realized that there are a lot of people in the U.S. whose voices are not heard in the political arena. Today, I am involved in politics to fight for my immigrant friends and all other people who deserve protection and representation in the United States.

Victor Torres

Democracy Organizer

I believe that being committed to helping people means reaching out and raising awareness about what could be achieved by working together.  We need to let people know their rights are there for a reason!