Want to make a difference and help to empower new citizens? Want to engage people and fulfill your passion? The 2018 elections in Colorado are shaping up to be the most competitive, most closely watched midterm ever. If you are passionate about immigrant rights, equality, and social justice, it’s time to get involved NOW!

We are now looking for 10 to 15 interns in our Denver, CO main office to help with our many campaigns in the Latino/a community. You will help reach out to people on a one-on-one basis, both in person or on the phone. You will track and manage data, assist with office operations, work with the senior staff on initiatives, and gain inside knowledge on how campaigns work. Above all, you will be in an exciting environment to see for yourself whether or not this will be a career for you, and you will help those who are the voice of the people to WIN!

The position will also give you a front-seat view of the many things non-profits do to change the world. You will work on many projects and initiatives, from supporting candidates to pushing for policy measures to taking part in direct action to call for change.

Hours are flexible, with a minimum of 10 hours a week. The program begins immediately and runs until August.