We Believe...

in the inherent dignity and human rights of every person, regardless of immigration status. We envision a society in which all women, men and children are treated with dignity and respect and have equal access to fair and just work, housing, health care, and education and the opportunity to live united with family members.

Our Mission is...

To build a strong and thriving Colorado where all residents are treated with dignity and respect and have equal access to a fair and just quality of life and the opportunity to live united with family members. We achieve this mission through advocating for fair, humane and workable public policies and by increasing the civic participation of new Americans.

Our Accomplishments


Mobilized Immigrant Rights Voters

Helped lead the 2012 Latino and Immigrant Voter Engagement Program reaching a total of 80,136 voters, of whom 46,953 (58.59%) voted in the 2012 general election. This is a higher Latino turnout rate than the state average of 52%.

Repeal of Show me your Papers

Passage of the 2013 Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act, which repealed Colorado’s “show me your papers” state law SB 90.

Driver Licenses for All

Passage of the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, (led by Driver’s Licenses for All, www.sb251.com) authorizing the Colorado DMV to give driver’s licenses to undocumented Colorado residents.

Tuition Equity

Passage of the 2013 ASSET bill providing undocumented Colorado high school graduates access to in-state tuition rates (led by the Higher Education Access Alliance)

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